Tyler Osteen

  1. Name: Tyler Osteenimg_9320.jpeg
  2. Complete the sentence. “I Market…” Creative service production to brand passionate clients.
  3. One word that describes you: Chameleon.
  4. First job? Lighting & Sound Technician.
  5. Current job? Client Services Manager.
  6. Favorite part of current job? The freedom to dream, collaborate, create, fail, get back up and eventually end up somewhere unexpected.
  7. Favorite AMA event? This years MAX Awards is my first AMA event!
  8. What should the MAX Awards give away instead of trophies? An Olympic Provisions Salami Bouquet….mmmmm
  9. Did you pick Portland, or did it pick you? It picked me. I was looking at opportunities in Seattle and Portland when I was looking to move out of Utah. Portland is where the best offer came from and I haven’t looked back since.
  10. Favorite thing about living here? All the weirdly beautiful people that are drawn here and have the brass to make cool things happen.
  11. Where can we find you on the weekend? Sauvie Island or Smith Rock
  12. Favorite happy hour spot? Rontoms.
  13. Favorite website? www.thelocals.dk
  14. Facebook or Twitter? FB.
  15. East side or West side? East side ’til I die.
  16. Beer, wine, or coffee? Coffee.
  17. Car, bike or TriMet? Car.
  18. Where can we find you online? https://www.facebook.com/ty.osteen?ref=tn_tnmn

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