The Nines

  1. Describe your company in 140 characters or less. Poised above the historic Meier & Frank Building, the Nines Hotel honors the structure’s storied past, both in its striking decor & service
  2. Top 3 services your company/agency provides:  Guestroom Accomodations, Dining, Meetings & Events
  3. Year founded? 2008
  4. 3 words that describe your company culture: Service, Innovation, Community
  5. What treat would cause a stampede to the breakroom?  Ice cream.
  6. Suits or skinny jeans? Skinny jeans
  7. Music or headphones? Headphones
  8. What’s most popular: Car, Bike or Trimet?  Trimet
  9. Number of employees? 400
  10. Describe your location. Located in the heart of Portland next to Pioneer Square
  11. Highlight of 2012? Featured on Good Morning America, CNN, Conde Naste Gold List, and Travel & Leisure Top 500
  12. Best thing about working for your company? Producing exceptional events and experiences for clients!

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