Vitamin T

  1. Describe your company in 140 characters or less: Vitamin T is a creative talent staffing agency, representing the best of the best creative, development and delivery talent.
  2. Top 3 services your company/agency provides:
    Contract talent.
    Contract-to-hire talent.
    Payroll services.
  3. Year founded? 1986
  4. 3 words that describe your company culture: Fun. Collaborative. Smart.
  5. What treat would cause a stampede to the break room? (Cupcakes? Voodoo? …Beer?) Chips. We go a little crazy for the salty snacks!
  6. Suits or skinny jeans? No suits allowed.
  7. Music or headphones? Music for sure. A fine mix of 80′s, dance and Johnny Cash.
  8. What’s most popular: Car, Bike or Trimet? Trimet.
  9. Number of employees? 11
  10. Describe your location. Heart of downtown. Very colorful and open office. Laughter and the slap of high-fives are the predominant office sounds.
  11. Highlight of 2012? A growing team that each member describes as, “the best team I’ve EVER worked with!”
  12. Best thing about working for your company? Helping people. Whether its finding a person the perfect job, saving the day for a client in need or rolling up your sleeves to help your teammate…all are the best feeling ever!

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