Southwick Specialty Advertising

  1. Describe your company in 140 characters or less. Providing awesome SWAG for local and national brands.
  2. Top 3 services your company/agency provides: Creative business solutions using logoed merchandise. SWAG that ROCKS!
  3. Year founded? 1983
  4. 3 words that describe your company culture: Professional, Fun, Passionate.
  5. What treat would cause a stampede to the breakroom? Coffee or Cocktails…depends more on the day than that time of day.
  6. Suits or skinny jeans? Suits.
  7. Music or headphones? Music.
  8. What’s most popular: Car, Bike or Trimet? Car.
  9. Number of employees? 15
  10. Describe your location. Portland.
  11. Highlight of 2012? Amazing new clients like Puppet Labs that make working so much fun.
  12. Best thing about working for your company? The most amazing clients that see the value in relationships and providing great customer service along with some cool SWAG.

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