Paul Rich Studio

  1. Describe your company in 140 characters or less. Paul Rich Studio has a natural gift for capturing real moments. Paul puts his subjects as ease and captures images that tells a story.
  2. Top 3 services your company/agency provides: Photography for Weddings/Portraits/Events
  3. Year founded? 2005
  4. 3 words that describe your company culture: Friendly, relaxed, detail oriented
  5. What treat would cause a stampede to the break room? Cookies
  6. Suits or skinny jeans? Suits
  7. Music or headphones? Music
  8. What’s most popular: Car, Bike or Trimet? Car
  9. Number of employees? 1
  10. Describe your location. We have a total of 3 offices – a client meeting space and photography studio in Portland and a client meeting space in Silverton, OR.
  11. Highlight of 2012? Photographing a Native American wedding ceremony
  12. Best thing about working for your company? Flexible hours

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