Meet Poison Waters, MAX Awards Emcee!

“Poison Waters is not just a personality, Poison Waters in an experience.”Poison Waters

This year’s MAX Awards emcee is the one and only Poison Waters! She is a legend in Portland for over two decades and will share her dynamic presence with the city’s finest marketing professionals. Learn more about our infamous emcee including how she markets herself and what her pre-event rituals are in our interview.

  1. Complete the sentence: “I market …”  Positivity.
  2. As an entrepreneur what mediums (advertisements, website, social media, etc.) do you use to market yourself? My own website (, Facebook, print ads in event programs, word of mouth!

  3.  Do you have any rituals before events? Candle light, champagne and sometimes a lil’ prayer, depending on the event!

  4. What can we expect from you for this event? Sass, glamour and quick, smart humor.

  5.  How do you select your outfits for events? Any idea yet on what you will be wearing? I choose my costumes and hair based on my current mood…and I have a few ideas of what I might be wearing to the event, but it’s a secret!

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