Jessica Williams

  1. Name: Jessica Williamsjessica williams
  2. Complete the sentence. “I Market…” Jobs, people, community, and hope!
  3. One word that describes you: Outgoing.
  4. First job? First professional job? Account Executive for wine distributor. First paying job? A front desk attendant at the indoor tennis stadium at Wake Forest University at 15 years old.
  5. Current job? Editor and Sales Director for Mac’s List at Prichard Communications
  6. Favorite part of current job? The people!
  7. Favorite AMA Event? Juli Warner from Leatherman! (She’s one of my closest friends!)
  8. What should the MAX Awards give away instead of trophies? Cute puppies.
  9. Did you pick Portland, or did it pick you? I picked Portland and it’s been the longest relationship of my life!
  10. Favorite thing about living here? You can find good food, beer and wine everywhere you go at affordable prices!!
  11. Where can we find you on the weekend? Hiking. Practicing Yoga. On my front porch sitting in the sun.
  12. Favorite happy hour spot? Gold Dust Meridian.
  13. Favorite website? Ensia- so clean and valuable information!!
  14. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.
  15. East side or West side? East side.
  16. Beer, wine, or coffee? Beer in Portland. Wine everywhere else!
  17. Car, bike or TriMet? Bike if I can. Car if I must. TriMet if it’s not dark.
  18. Where can we find you online?  http://macslist.org, @jessicajoellen, @Macs_List

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