Jessica Rust


  1. Name: Jessica Rust
  2. Complete the sentence. “I Market…” Myself
  3. One word that describes you: Cheerful
  4. First job? Movie theater
  5. Current job? Server and AMA Volunteer
  6. Favorite part of current job? The awesome people that I get to work with
  7. Favorite AMA Event? MAX Awards
  8. Favorite thing about living here? The food, fun environment and the great outdoors!
  9. Favorite happy hour spot? Sapphire Hotel
  10. Favorite website?
  11. Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
  12. East side or West side? East side
  13. Beer, wine, or coffee? None of the above, how about a martini.
  14. Car, bike or TriMet? Car, I need my four wheels!
  15. Where can we find you online? (link to your website, Twitter, FB, etc.)

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