Jessica Bandy

  1. Name: Jessica Bandyjessica
  2. Complete the sentence: “I market…”: Financial Well-Being Products in the Form of Insurance
  3. One word that describes you: Moxie
  4. First job? Sales Associate at the GAP, as I result I can fold clothes really well
  5. Current job? Strategic Marketing Program Manager at The Standard
  6. Favorite AMA event? The MAX Awards will be my first official AMA event
  7. Favorite happy hour spot? Red Star Tavern
  8. Facebook or Twitter? I check Facebook more often but I like Twitter better.
  9. East side or west side? East side!
  10. Beer, wine, or coffee? Coffee is a morning must and wine is a happy hour essential
  11. Car, bike, or Trimet? TriMet during the week and car on the weekends
  12. Where can we find you online? 

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