Danny Decker


  1. Name: Danny Decker
  2. Complete the sentence. “I market…”: Digital
  3. One word that describes you: Passionate
  4. First job? Dishwasher
  5. Current job? CEO/Partner — Harlo Interactive
  6. Favorite part of current job? Meeting new people
  7. Favorite AMA event? Karaoke
  8. What should the MAX Awards give away instead of trophies? High five
  9. Did you pick Portland, or did it pick you? It picked me
  10. Favorite thing about living here? The Community
  11. Favorite happy hour spot? The Gold Dust Meridian
  12. Favorite website? www.clientsfromhell.net
  13. East side or West side? Westside
  14. Beer, wine, or coffee? Wine
  15. Car, bike or TriMet? Bike
  16. Where can we find you online? www.harlointeractive.com

Danny Decker is a Portland native, graphic designer, partner & founder of Harlo Interactive. WIth over 15 years experience in advertising, design and digital media, Danny’s passion is making web awesomer through fine design. He appreciates typography, clean lines, photography, all things old school, and the pursuit of greatness.


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