Ashley Heinonen

Ashley H

  1. Name: Ashley Heinonen
  2. Complete the sentence. “I Market…”: Furniture!         
  3. First job? Data entry at a medical office.
  4. Current job? Marketing Coordinator  at Furniture Connexion
  5. Favorite part of current job? Getting to explore new methods of advertising for an audience that has changed… And joking around with coworkers.
  6. Favorite AMA Event? Speaker seminar with Salt and Straw
  7. What should the MAX Awards give away instead of trophies? Beer mug and commemorative beer
  8. Did you pick Portland, or did it pick you? It picked me. I was born here, left for 8 years, but found my way back!
  9. Favorite thing about living here? How friendly the people are and that my family all lives here
  10. Favorite happy hour spot? Gold Dust Meridian
  11. Where can we find you on the weekend? If it’s nice, out on a hike somewhere in the Gorge
  12. Favorite website?
  13. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I can’t be confined by 140 characters
  14. East side or West side? Live on the west side, but prefer the east side
  15. Beer, wine, or coffee? All three! But… mainly wine
  16. Car, bike or TriMet? Car
  17. Where can we find you online?


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