Allyson Savage

  1. Complete the sentence. “I Market…Marketingprofile_pic
  2. One word that describes you:  Happy
  3. First job?  Tuxedo Fitter
  4. Current job?  Corporate Communications at Waggener Edstrom
  5. Favorite part of current job?  My amazing team
  6. Favorite AMA Event?  MAX Awards
  7. What should the MAX Awards give away instead of trophies?  Ponies!
  8. Did you pick Portland, or did it pick you?  I picked it
  9. Favorite thing about living here?  The food
  10. Favorite happy hour spot?  Doesn’t really matter as long as the company is good
  11. Where can we find you on the weekend?  Eating in one of PDX’s amazing restaurants
  12. Favorite website?
  13. Facebook or Twitter?  A little bit of both
  14. East side or West side?  East side
  15. Beer, wine, or coffee?  Wine
  16. Car, bike or TriMet?  Car but I’d really rather walk
  17. Where can we find you online?

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