2013 Winner Spotlight: Non-profit Campaign

My Life, My Library

With changing technologies, fundamental challenges, and new opportunities, the perception of libraries has dramatically changed, and the My Life, My Library campaign of Multnomah County Library tells that story through its patrons. Highlighted in this campaign is the way the library helps the community through the stories of people, reflecting the diversity of the people that are served, the broad array of programs offered, and how the library makes the world a better place every single day.

The campaign came together on a shoestring budget, using existing resources to create and deploy. The creative for the campaign was developed completely in house by the library’s marketing team. We deployed the campaign to various channels within the library. “Ads” were placed on the flat surface self-checkout stations – where folks check out their library materials.

We wrapped three of the library’s book delivery trucks in the campaign art – these trucks move about 35,000 books a day to the library’s 19 locations all around the county, creating high visibility for the campaign. We branded our social media channels and web site to the campaign, produced three professional videos themed to the campaign, and included the message as part of the library’s monthly e-newsletter – each one asking patrons to share their story with us. We utilized zero paid advertising, reinforcing the campaign instead through existing high-traffic brand touch points.

The My Life My My Library campaign worked so well,  it also created a model for future campaigns by its success. Along the way we gathered some heartfelt stories of library love. The campaign generated 3.8 million views on the library website, and more than 9.3 million impressions from the check-out stations. The delivery trucks generated an untold number of impressions during the thousands of deliveries that took place, and the videos created created a powerful testament to the important work done in the library. The campaign played an important and effective role in changing the conversation about the critical role of libraries – both now and into the future, and laid a strong framework for future social conversations and connections with library patrons.

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